May 25, 2008

Narcolepsy, the Truth. Can You Afford Your Medication?

Do you have insurance, but still cannot afford your medicine? Do you have Narcolepsy and can't afford meds?

I no longer have insurance, and barely afford medication that doesn't really do much for me anyway, but I think about all of the people, with and without insurance, that cannot afford medication that they need for an illness.

I just read a really crazy story about a young lady that is trying to afford Provigil for her diagnosed Narcolepsy, and it is just crazy what
Cephalon, the makers of Provigil suggested that she do.

Just read the story for yourself. Click here to read her story. What do you all think about it? What is your situation? Any feedback?

Go Easy,


Emily said...

It's such a disgrace that insurers have such discretion over what medicines they cover. Why is an insurance company able to tell me the drugs I take for narcolepsy are 'experimental' and thus not covered, while my doctor and I have seen what a difference the medicine has made in my life?

I was diagnosed with narcolepsy in December, a few months after starting a new job. The workplace became unbearable in about 6 months because of management changes and my hours went up to about 60 or 70 a week, which meant I could never get the 8-so-so hours my body needs. Just as things were at their worst, I was recruited by a competitor for a fantastic opportunity. But when they made me an offer, I checked out the health plan and found it didn't cover Provigil or Xyrem (which is $1500 a month for my dose). So my choice was to stay at a job in which I could never get a full night's sleep or go to a job that I might get fired from because untreated narcolepsy prevents me from waking up on time or sleeping less than 12 hours a night. What a choice.

I'm only 27 and was distraught that this is going to be a factor for the rest of my life in establishing my career path. I'm pretty terrified that my situation could quickly resemble the lady in the link you posted.

I chose to take the job but stay on COBRA for a couple months and amass as much extra medicine I can to hold me over as my doctor fights with the insurer to get the medicines covered. I have about two weeks left on COBRA, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Ja said...


I am so sorry about your situation. I certainly pray that your doctor puts on those "boxing gloves", and gets you the coverage you need. Isn't it all just nuts!!!!

Would you keep me updated on your situation? I will be praying for you, and thanks for reading my blog, soooo much!!!

Go Easy,

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