February 15, 2009

Helloooo! Check Out This Great Narcolepsy Blog Site!

Good day everyone! I remember a couple of months ago looking at a site that different people had posted some things in a blog type format, about having Narcolepsy. I just checked It out again, and it has a lot more entries from many different perspectives! On the site it states;

"If you've got something to say about sleep disorders
you can say it here. Prose, poetry, photography;
whatever form of expression suits you
best (within reason).
Please email your contribution
to (email is listed at the actual site)
with the
subject line "We are not lazy". Please include

your name (or a pseudonym), age and location."

Even If you don't want to add to this really cool blog, make sure you at least go check them out!! It is really nice to be able to read about how other people feel, and what they think about Narcolepsy. Just CLICK HERE or up at the title of this entry to check out the blog called "We are not lazy".

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Can You Hear Me Now?

Hey everybody! Holla if you hear me! Time for a revival up in here!

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