December 18, 2005

Your Limitations Are Not Weaknesses!

With me having Narcolepsy, one of the biggest struggles is accepting my limitations. At first, it was knowing what my limitations were. Now it is accepting them. In a world where most people have no idea what is going on with you, by having Narcolepsy, it makes it more difficult; for me anyway.

When you can't wake up, and are late to work. When you fall asleep while talking to someone on the phone. Things like this I am sure make it really hard for people without Narcolepsy to understand why these things happen.

Now, to be honest, some of these things that happen, I just do not have control over them. But some of them...I do. If I am not doing everything that I can to take the best care of myself, then these things can become worse.

Knowing your limitations, and adhering to them are two very different things!

Sometimes I will stay up way too late, because I feel awake and can do things that I want to do, and then, the next day, I pay the price.

Your limitations are not weaknesses. Everyone has limitations. You and only you know what your limitations are.

On the other side of the coin, Never let other people decide your limitations or capabilities.
There will always be people who will say you're not good enough, smart enough, healthy enough, etc. to accomplish your goals. Don't listen. Remember, you can accomplish anything you set your heart and mind to accomplish! Just do it in a way that doesn't exhaust your resources.

Know and adhere to your own limitations!

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