July 5, 2010

How Xyrem Probably Works-Good Info from a Smart Girl!

I took Xyrem for Narcolepsy about 5 yrs ago.  I took it for I think about 6 months, although I may be wrong because those months are quite cloudy.  Other than the face swelling, major anxiety, bloody hangnails, head thrashing, wanting to die and not being able to breathe through my nose, it was a pretty good experience...or not

Over at the Zombie Research Institute, one of my favorite websites, Heidi L. has some great information about millions of things having to do with Narcolepsy and so much more.  

You can read her section entitled "How Xyrem Probably Works" here  and it is most interesting.  She does some serious research, and all of her stuff over there is so worth taking the time to read.  So go read it.  Save your brain from Zombietude.  

In other very important news:

Patchy and Pudgy, the pigeons that 
live on my balcony had babies!  
They are so ugly that they are cute!! 
They are so tiny! Don't you want to just squeeze them!!

Dreams, Reality, and Knowing the Difference Between Them When You Have Narcolepsy

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