December 10, 2005

Man With Narcolepsy Receives New Horse Buggy After Crash

On Friday November 25th 2005, A man was hit by a car while in his horse driven buggy, and the person that hit him did not stop at the scene. The full story can be found here.

Steve Litzkow, was the man driving the horse and buggy. He suffered a broken vertebrae and ribs, and his horse was killed by another driver. So not only was this poor man hurt severely, but he also lost his horse, and his only transportation; his buggy.

When I first read this story, I felt so sad for this guy, and for his losses. In the article, I could tell that the horse wasn't only part of his transportation, but also his companion. The police were looking for the 18 year old man who caused this accident, and I was glad that they seemed to know the identity of this criminal.

Reading this story also reminded me of how fortunate I am. I have Narcolepsy, and still am allowed the privilege to drive a car. Wow! I can't imagine how difficult it would be driving a horse and buggy during the winter months, or any season for that matter. And I imagine that this man feels thankful too. To be able to just wake up in the morning, with shelter, is such a blessing! People, I am so blessed! Thank you God!

Sleep Disorders effect everyone differently. Sleep Disorders may not be easy to see with the eye, but they can be devestating.

Today, I found an update on this story, which is a happy one, because of the kindness of a stranger in this mans community. The following story was published at the website for Channel 5 eyewitness news in St. Paul, MN, on Dec 1st. You can read it there to, just click

From the Channel 5 Eyewitness website:

The Wisconsin man whose buggy was hit and horse killed last week is getting a new trailer from a sympathetic stranger.

Steve Litzkow was hit Friday evening by an 18-year-old driver traveling at 50 miles per hour. He suffered a broken vertebrae and ribs, and his horse was killed by another driver.

Cliff Larsen is giving Litzkow a new buggy that he did not have the opportunity to use."If something good comes of this, if something good comes of something bad, we're all winners, aren't we?" said Larsen.

Litzkow watched from his kitchen as the buggy was delivered. "It's just wonderful. I can't believe this," he said. "It's just unbelievable."Litzkow drives a horse and buggy to get around St. Croix Falls, WI because he suffers from narcolepsy, a condition that causes him to fall asleep suddenly.
My prayer go out to you Mr. Steve Litzkow, and I pray that you have a quick recovery. Thank you Mr. Cliff Larsen, for your kind act, and also reminding us that kindness is still alive in this world!

I know that the world can seem so cold sometimes. People can seem cold, and careless. But there are still people out there that care, that want to help others.

We have got to be those kind of people! Remember, one little kind act to you, may be the biggest gesture of love to someone else!

Update: According to, Mary Linehan, an organizing member of the Taylors Falls Lighting Festival, said she will open a fund Monday to benefit Steve Litzkow, using money from the recent sale of her own horse to get the fund started.

Donations can be sent to: The Steve Litzkow Fund, c/o The RiverBank, 2183 U.S. Highway 8, St. Croix Falls, WI 54024.

To view this info, and the story from the website click here.

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