November 30, 2005

The Adventures of a Sleepy Woman...Who Happens to Have Narcolepsy.


My name is Ja, and I have Narcolepsy. It is my intention to create a blogspace that will inform you, assist you, and yes, maybe even humor you about all things Narcolepsy!
Also, I wish to assist those who would like to learn more about other sleep disorders, and the myths and facts about sleep, itself. Many people think that Narcolepsy is a very rare disorder. Narcolepsy is not that rare.

Narcolepsy is an often unrecognized and under-diagnosed condition. It took 14 years and countless diagnoses for me to find that I did in fact have Narcolepsy. 

Living with a chronic illness is not an easy road!  The ups and downs of Narcolepsy can effect every area of one's life. By sharing my experiences and opinions, it is my hope to help people understand more about Narcolepsy from my own adventures, and to remind those who also have Narcolepsy that they are not alone! Thanks so much for visit my little corner of these interwebs!

Dreams, Reality, and Knowing the Difference Between Them When You Have Narcolepsy

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