October 2, 2008

Scientists pinpoint genetic driver of narcolepsy

Scientists pinpoint genetic driver of narcolepsy- click here for a link

I have been seeing quite a few news articles related to this genetic discovery in the past week.

Scientists in Japan have identified a genetic mutation linked to narcolepsy. I wonder what this means for the future of those with this disease, and finding a cure or alternative ways of treatment. Pretty interesting stuff!

On a side note, I have been sleeping approx. 15 hrs. a pop/day, for about a week. Today, I woke up, and felt like I had energy. I forgot what that felt like. I will NEVER take any energy or "good" days for granted! Oh what a great feeling it is to feel like moving, reading, working, shoot, doing anything!!

How are all of you doing?

This puppy was at the gas station, and I had to take a pic! What a cootie bug poo!!!

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