June 16, 2008

And Some People Think People With Narcolepsy are Dense!!!

You know,

Narcolepsy can make a person forget words, slur words, mangle words...you get the idea, right? In honor of all of my brothers and sisters in Narcolespy, I bring something new! Well, I have decided to offers my readers, (all 2 or 3 of you...LOL), a weekly game entitled,

"Who Forgot to Put on Their Thinking Pants" quote game. Here's the deal...

I will leave you a quote, and you try to guess who said it. There is one important rule however...you absolutely cannot look the quote up...No Google-ing, no web search, just your fresh brain matter, and who you think may have said the monstrosity that I post. Got it? OK. And the first person to guess the mess will get the prize. Except unfortunately, there really is no prize.

Well, there is sort of a prize. You will be listed as the winner!!!! Woooo Wooo!

So here it goes, Here is todays funky funktabulus quote; remember, no cheating!!

Who Said This:
"One reason I like to highlight reading is, reading is the beginnings of the ability to be a good student. And if you can't read, it's going to be hard to realize dreams; it's going to be hard to go to college. So when your teachers say, read—you ought to listen to her."

Happy Guessing! This one should be pretty easy!!!

God Bless,
and Go Easy,

Can You Hear Me Now?

Hey everybody! Holla if you hear me! Time for a revival up in here!

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