May 24, 2009

Wakey Wakey! People with Narcolepsy

Hey peeps.

I just got a email from a friend, Chris"Toph4er" reminding me about one of the greatest forums ever. He does a hella job over there at "People with Narcolepsy" so I wanted to mention it here. It may be a forum that you have never checked out yet. The people over there are friendly and love new folks stopping by.

If you like to do the forum thing, this is a great forum to check out. Click here to go check it!

I hope everyone is doing well. And how about that proof about Narcolepsy being an autoimmune disorder! I was really excited to read that, but now I am just crazy to know what that really means for us. Anyone havve any ideas?

Dreams, Reality, and Knowing the Difference Between Them When You Have Narcolepsy

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