March 21, 2008

Narcolepsy and the Presidential Election

Have you ever had Deja Vu?

I will tell you, watching television this week, I thought that it was my Narcolepsy or Deja Vu, or something wrong with my head. I could still turn on the tube right now, and they would be yapping about "Obama's speech about Race". Didn't that happen at the beginning of the week??? I mean, the speech was phenomenal, but it is as if he gave it today, they are still analyzing each sentence, each phrase.

I thought I must be dreaming, but I guess I wasn't. It should be remembered, but how long are we gonna listen to these soundbites of it, and listen to each news personality give their opinions about what the frack he means...

Oh yeah, and what a great opportunity to invite all minority jounalists to the show to give their opinions too. I guess they only have opinions regarding things of a racial matter. Well, at least they are getting some airtime now, too bad it is only because of the current "race" commentary. How

Anywho, I think if I hear another person say how "articulate" Obama is, I am going to puke from the mere ignorance of someone actually thinking that saying that someone is "articulate" is a compliment.

If someone said to you "you are so articulate", would you be flattered? Check out the definition of articulate, (from click to go there.

I will just list the first few definitions:

ar·tic·u·late [adj., n. ahr-tik-yuh-lit; v. ahr-tik-yuh-leyt]

1.uttered clearly in distinct syllables.
2.capable of speech; not speechless.
3.using language easily and fluently; having facility with words: an articulate speaker.

Hmm... You are so capable of speech! You uttered your syllables so distinctly. You are so fluent in the English language! Yeah...what a compliment. Give me a break. Oh yes, and Obama is "clean" or "clean-cut" too. As if we would expect a presidential candidate to be scraggly and smell like a bag of onions?

And please, can we just move along with the campaign? If the worst thing that we can find on Obama is that his Pastor says unfavorable things to some people about racial topics, wow...this guy must be pretty clean. Is that the best you can do???

P.S. I don't know who I am voting for yet.

P.S.S. Here are some other interesting conversations, articles, about this subject: Oh and this video is beyond funny...

Bush Criticized for Calling Obama "articulate".

Barack Obama is AWB: articulate while black.

March 16, 2008

Obama is Really an Atheist!?

You know, If you have read any of this blog, it is apparent that I have Narcolepsy. So many people have said things to me like, "oh yeah, my cousin had that, and his doctor gave him a cure". Ok, no big deal. Sometimes, we, including myself, don't know what the heck we are talking about. When someone said the above to me, I said to them "no, there is no cure for Narcolepsy, maybe it was something else". I said this, trying to be nice, polite, whatever. They replied, "no, it was Narcolepsy, you should go get cured".

Stupid. People say things all of the time, without looking into what they are saying. Just like the deal with Barack Obama. I keep seeing people claiming that this man is a Muslim. I think to myself...So what if he is. But the fact is HE IS NOT...and no, the title of this entry is not true either. Barack Obama has said repeatedly that he is a Christian. All facts and historical information lead one to clearly see that he is telling the truth. But I wonder how many people just believe something, just because someone said that it was so.

This goes way beyond our news headlines or the presidential races. Think about your every day life. Do you believe something about someone, or anything just because someone says it is true? If you hear something that might make an impact on your life, or others' lives, do you check it out, or just go on spreading the information, not knowing if it is a fact, or not?

Read. Read more. If you are not sure, or it is a matter that is different depending on opinions, investigate, form your own opinion. Don't just rely on someone else's statement without being informed. Duh. And if you were wrong, just admit it. I don't know about you, but I think that a person that can admit that they are wrong without getting all bent out of shape about it, is a person of strong character. When I hear someone saying that "oops" they were wrong, sorry about that, etc. I trust them even more, and feel that that are a person that I can trust a little more.

So, here it goes...
Elvis does not currently work at a Burger King in Michigan.
Bill Gates will not send you money if you forward an email to ten people.
and no...that pill will not make you lose weight while you sleep...believe me, I've tried.

Please, hop on the clue bus...all are welcome.

March 15, 2008

Narcolepsy Makes Me Awake?

It is now 4:03am. I am so awake. I just worked my bootie off, well, nope, it is still there, but really, I worked super hard, and I am mentally more alert than a...hmmm...look, I am just reallly awake.

Narcolepsy is funny like that. I think a lot of people just think that Narcolepsy makes people sleepy all of the time, and they can never stay awake. But I am here to tell you, that ain't so. Can anybody relate?

Well, I hope you all, who are reading this will have a great weekend.

Go Easy, and may God bless,

March 11, 2008

Dick Gregory is the Absolute Coolest Man on Earth

I have always loved Dick Gregory; his analogies, his words of wisdom, his unmatchable charisma!

I encourage you to visit his website. Click Here to check it out.

Dick Gregory is truly a man of wisdom, and he teaches and shares his wisdom with such a humor and straightforward approach. When I hear him speak, I find myself laughing at his cleverness, and then crying because of his sincere truthfulness.

Dick Gregory once said, “Once we used to have to crank up our cars, now you can pop it on from inside your house. Everything has changed except how we get freedom.”

Today, I just wanted to thank God for Dick Gregory, and thank you Mr. Gregory, for sharing your light and love so generously!

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