September 19, 2008

Upside Down Rainbows, in the midst of mayhem...


These past few weeks have been filled with mayhem, craziness, and odd happenings. So many things that have happened in the world lately have been devastating. From natural disaster to tainted products in China, hurting so many people. Please, don't forget, if you are a prayer-er (highly recommended here:)) to keep all of these people in your prayers, thoughts, and actions.

While reading the news today, I came upon, yet, another strange incident, but this time, it was beautiful, and a winner!

In the UK, Cambridge to be exact, a upside down rainbow was spotted, and captured by photo. Take a peek at the story here. Click here for the story and picture.

Wow. One commenter on the story mentioned "It looks like God's smile!". It is a beautiful thing.

Thanks God! I am sure that it really helped some people today. When I take the time to look at the beauty of nature, it seems to always put things back into perspective. I am so blessed. I thank God today for his mercy, and kindness he has given me. Again, I am so blessed.

September 7, 2008

Sara Palin, Pro life my a!@!

How could someone who proclaims to be "pro-life" enjoy killing animals so much?

Check out these links. If you choose to vote in this upcoming election, make sure you are as educated as you can be about all of the candidates. We must know all that we can before we vote!

Maybe you aren't a vegetarian, but is it really necessary to have a dead bear to sit your butt on? If you had to kill it yourself, would you still do it? How could killing an animal be such a badge of honor? Sickos!!!!

Nice Bear you are sitting on Ms. Palin....real nice.


Polar Bears not as important as oil

Check out her offical bio, especially the pics!

September 1, 2008

90 Naps a Day...

Hola peoples!

There seems to be a new film among us entitled "90 Naps a Day", a film by Firefly, exploring Narcolepsy. Click here for a link where I found this info, if you are interested.

I did a search, and cannot find any other info about this flick. Anyone know any other info about it? I would love to know more, or where I could see it.

I haven't written in a long time. I hope to be writing again, regularly now. Thanks to all of you that keep coming back and reading. I really appreciate it!!

Go Easy!

Dreams, Reality, and Knowing the Difference Between Them When You Have Narcolepsy

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