October 16, 2008

Long Term Effects of Narcolepsy - What Do You Think?

I have seen many articles lately about Narcolepsy, and it's symptoms and general information regarding this illness. One of the interesting things, to me anyway, are the differences in opinions about Narcolepsy and how it effects it's target. I have collected some opinions from various websites, and posted them below, with links, to see what you think.

Do any of these explanations seem accurate in your life? How does Narcolepsy effect you? I am so interested in the opinions of others on how Narcolepsy has changed your life. What is different since you have been effected by Narcolepsy?

Here are some snippets from various sites on the subject. The link to the actual website is included. Let me know what you think, OK?

Long Term Effects of Narcolepsy

From the website of Narcolepsy Network - Click here to go to site.
The consequences of narcolepsy may be many and far reaching. Sleep attacks and cataplexy in public are embarrassing and can cause serious social and economic difficulties. Cataplexy may interfere with physical activities, and efforts to avoid emotions may lead to social withdrawal. Inability to work and/or drive may result in loss of independence, financial difficulties and a multitude of other problems. In these situations, a person can easily lose touch with others and become depressed...
The following text excerpts taken from SleepFoundation.org - Click here for the exact page
...The symptoms of (and some of the drugs taken for) narcolepsy may affect your sex life. Sexual problems, such as low sex drive and impotency, may result from severe sleepiness, depression, medications or cataplectic attacks. These problems, especially any resulting from a new medication or changed dosage, should be discussed with your doctor....

...Narcolepsy symptoms can also result in a change or loss of employment, physical restrictions and social withdrawal. Loss of self-esteem, learning difficulties and depression can result...
Below are a few words from the Aurora Health Care site, from an article intitled "
In his own words: living with narcolepsy". The whole article is good. You can check it out, click here.

I've had to make many lifestyle changes. I had to give up my military career and change jobs. I only swim in shallow water. I'm still a heavy coffee drinker, just not three pots a day. I take regular naps, generally after lunch, around 4, and after supper. I can regulate when I need a nap. And by taking naps, I don't have to take as much medication. Since emotions can trigger cataplexy, I have to walk away from confrontational situations or I may fall over...
At the website of Health Central, here is what they have to say about the emotional and social effects of Narcolepsy. Click here to go to the website.

The patient suffers emotional and social difficulties from the uncontrollable sleep episodes and cataplexy. Studies have reported rates of depression in people with narcolepsy ranging from 30 - 57%. (In the general population, prevalence of depression is 8%.) Studies have shown severe emotional and social dysfunction in all areas, including work, relationships, and leisure activities. One study reported that 25% of men with narcolepsy suffered sexual problems. Some experts believe that the psychological and social effects are more serious than those caused by epilepsy (which narcolepsy can be mistaken for)....

There are many opinions about the effects of Narcolepsy on one's life. We all have our own unique experiences and opinions. How does it effect your life? What area in your life that is effected by Narcolepsy do you find the most difficult to deal with?

I am really interested in hearing different experiences, and I would like to post some of them here, with your permission.

Well, everyone, have a great rest of the week, and oh yeah, have any of you seen the film "90 Naps a Day" yet? I got some interesting opinions from some of you who have seen it, and I hope to write a little about it soon. I haven't seen it yet, I am in the U.S, and I haven't found a way to see it, I have only been able to see some clips.

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