July 19, 2009

Alternative Treatments for Narcolepsy? Be Careful! Part Uno

(This is kind of a long post, but I hope it may be of great use to some of you out there! I certainly am interested in knowing all I can:)

I don't know anyone that wouldn't be ecstatic to find a natural way to make Narcolepsy go away or even something that would help reduce Narcolepsy's symptoms. I know I am one of those willing to try any safe natural treatment. Hey, If it doesn't work for me, no real loss, right? At least it would be a learning experience. And, as the saying goes, what works for some, may not work for others. (I think that is a saying...but oops, if it is not)

Those who know me know I am a researcher. I look for news everyday, regarding new information about Narcolepsy, and read way to much, most of which is written in a language that I understand, at best, only a bit, due to the medical terminology. (Why didn't I become a doctor or geneticist...:)

So with that being, I have always noticed some "natural cures" that pop up on the web from time to time claiming that Narcolepsy is over, done been cured, that is, with the help of their well studied, miraculous mixture of herbs, that completely kick Narcolepsy in the butt! Yeah, right...

I have tried to find information about the companies that have these websites that are strangely similar in many ways. I have tried to find out if anyone has tried any of them....can't find a soul, except for the testimonials of those on the products website. So, as much as I had ever wanted to just try them, my conscience just cannot allow me to. Below I gathered some info from each of these sites for your viewing. I also have written to two of them, which I have below as well.
My personal comments are in
RED so it doesn't get confusing. Here it tis...oh ps. I didn't list the website addresses. A quick Google, and you'll find them fast if needed.

Treatment name:

Claim from their website:
"Unlike other Narcolepsy products which are slow or ineffective, Corsatax has the unique ability to provide long term support in a relatively short time through an easy one-a-day pill regimen. In recent years there has been an increasing interest by medical researchers, practitioners and also the general public in natural plants and herbs as sources of medicine. All pharmaceutical companies are now finally admitting the fact that plants and herbs are by nature endowed with substances that have incredibly powerful healing powers."...uh....this statement actually has nothing to do with their unique product! duh.

Cost: 60 tabs=65.00 90 tabs=95.00

"After placing your order, if you believe for any reason that Corsatax is not suitable for you or you do not find it meeting your health expectations, you have nothing to worry about. All you have to do is to send us back the unused portion (or the empty bottles if you have used the whole product) and all amount that you have paid us would be refunded immediately without any delay. It is completely up to you if you want to give a reason as you will not be asked for any. This guarantee is valid for 60 days from the date of purchase, thus allowing enough time for delivery to your door and to experience results."

Botanical Sources Via Canova 24, Suite # NR 320 Roma 00186 Italy Ok, they have a guarantee, sound to good to be true? Me thinks so... They provide NO studies done on the product, but they do provide links to studies about natural plants being useful in medicine, as if they think the average person doesn't know that that has already been known since the beginning of time. errrrr... Since they provide no evidence or real info about their product, I used their contact form to write them this letter:

I wrote:

"Hello, I am interested in learning more about your treatment. Are there any specific studies that have been done using Corsatax? I am eager to read these type of studies, published or private. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank You."

I will update with any additional info I receive. I hope they get back with me with great proof, I really do. But my realistic mind tells me they won't. I hope I am wrong. Until then, I would advise anyone not to jump into this one. You may never get your money back and they list no proof of their product working, with the exception of their overly generic testimonials. Darn!
UPDATE: As of April 15, 2010, I have not heard anything from this company...Surprise!

If anyone out there has tried this product, I would love love love, did I mention, Love to hear from you. I have always wanted just to try it and see what happens, but I just don't have the money to take that chance.

Oh, I have broken this post down, so my next post will be about another company similiar to this one, with another product aimed toward knocking Narcolepsy on it's proverbial butt. :) Thanks everyone for reading my posts. I love ya all!

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