July 29, 2009

Alternative Treatments for Narcolepsy? Be Careful! Part B

Hola all.

My last post was about these websites that seem to be popping up all over the place and tout alternative therapies for treating, healing and yes even "eradicating" Narcolepsy altogether.

I started talking about one of these treatments called "Corsatax". Their website claims,

Unlike other Narcolepsy products which are slow or ineffective, Corsatax has the unique ability to provide long term support in a relatively short time through an easy one-a-day pill regimen. In recent years there has been an increasing interest by medical researchers, practitioners and also the general public in natural plants and herbs as sources of medicine. All pharmaceutical companies are now finally admitting the fact that plants and herbs are by nature endowed with substances that have incredibly powerful healing powers."

I found their statement very general and not really informative about this one-a-day pill regimen. They list absolutely no links to studies performed on their product. In the ingredients section, they do list the "properties" of each herb used, but site no authority or mention where the heck they got the info.

As mentioned i my last post, I wrote them via web form at their site to request more info on and studies that may have been perform, and expressed my interest in trying the product. I have not at this point received any reply to my request. Surprise!

And here is where it becomes a real hot mess;

By doing a simple (ok, a little more than simple) search on some phrases they use on their website, this "company" seems to have more than 100 other websites almost completely identical to the "Corsatax" site. yep, there's:

Ongrotax: A unique Gonorrhea product
Sintatex: A unique Tinnitus product.
Lipratax: A unique Oral Leukoplakia product.
Meslarax: A unique Inclusion BodyMyositis product.
Glocatax: A unique Glaucoma product.
Dermatax: A unique Dermatomyositis product.
Gemlarax: A unique Polymyalgia Rheumatica product.
Nebralex: A unique Boils product.
Vomorax: A unique Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome product.
Kidnatrex: A unique Renal Failure product.
Myorex: A unique Cluster Headache product.
Cervorax: A unique Cervical Spine product.
Gravitax: A unique Myasthenia Gravis product.
Vegarax: A unique Graves' Disease product.

And about a kagillion more...(do these people have any conscience?) Do they just sit around making up names....?!?!?

Each website is almost complete identical other than the name of the product, and some of the ingredients. It's is a damn shame.

The "company", Botanical Sources, is supposedly in Italy, and I imagine it has a front yard full of unicorns, and rainbows with pots of gold at the ends. It may as well, because that address is nonexistent, or perhaps and PO box of some sort.

I am sorry to make this post so long, but there is more...Here is the HOT HOT mess section.

At the website "Rip-off Report", a site where consumers can publish complaints about purchases or fraudulent activity, There are a few interesting complaints about the lovely "Botanical Sources" co. Click here to read from the website, or here is a snippet of the complaints below;

From the site, a customer writes:
"I ordered an herbal product called Voltarax from this company not knowing they were located in Italy.My order took almost a month to reach me. When it did arrive I noticed it was mailed from Pakistan. The packaging does indicate that it was made in Pakistan. Had I known upfront that I was ordering a supplement that was made in and mailed from Pakistan I would not have ordred.
Botanical Sources is using a company CCnow as a 'retailer' in the US to process payment information. Buyer beware."

"This web site preys on people looking for natural cataract relieve. It almost seems like a legitimate site until you look for a telephone number to ask questions and there is none. Their address in Italy does not exist. The web page does have a false area to submit your name, e-mail address and phone number stating that they will get back to you immediately. Of course they never will. It claims of natural herbs from India known to heal cataracts. The frauds call their product Secarx."

Well, I guess I am the bearer of bad news. I wish that they were legit. I knew they weren't, as most of you did too. We have to be careful! Always check with other before wasting your hard earned bucks on crap like this. I just wish I could figure out how to take them down!!!!!

What do you all think about this crappalicious crap!!!????? Let me know, maybe we can get the word out, or form a coalition to get these meanies together and .....and pinch them really hard ...or something....maybe make them take one of our natural remedies...called Crappheadtax. Kinda catchy, huh...


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